Residential design is about tailoring a design to suit a specific client’s needs. We work closely with the project architect to find the best solution for our clients’ budgets and aspirations. We have experience designing the full spectrum of residential construction, specialising in bespoke engineering solutions for unusual residences.


Retaining Walls

Efficient design of retaining walls relies on extensive experience in local soil conditions. We have designed retaining walls in all of Wellington’s unique geological conditions, from beach sands in Island Bay to the weathered rock high in the hills of Karaka Bay.


Commercial and Education

Efficiency is the key to the design of Commercial structures. They require rigorous use of prefabricated solutions for the minimum cost in time and materials on site. We are expert at integrating the requirements of both the architect and other engineering services into the structure for the most cost-effective solutions.

Educational structures have many of the same constraints, with enhanced performance and safety criteria. In addition, educational structures are usually adapted and repurposed during their lifetimes. We are adept at working with educational stakeholders to understand their specific institutional needs and ensure that the structure takes the best form for their long-term needs, including the ability of the structure to adapt to the institution’s changing needs.


Building Content Restraints

Engineering design has traditionally focused on the large-scale performance of buildings in earthquakes, but the safety of the building’s contents can equally important. We can design seismic restraints for all kinds of building contents and building parts, with a particular emphasis on heavy plant equipment and storage racks.


Temporary Structures

We have a special interest in the design of short-term structures, which can be used for a variety of purposes. We have designed temporary raised platforms for horse racing as part of the London Olympics in 2012, free-standing screens, and we are specialists in the efficient design of scaffolding for construction.

As part of our work in Temporary Structures we also design temporary and enabling works. It is only possible to build most structures because of temporary propping, as structures are only inherently stable once finished. We can design all the temporary support structures and the scaffolding necessary to enable construction on site.

We also use this expertise to ensure that our structural designs are practical to build, including construction sequencing and achievable temporary cases.